About CashNetUSA

Direct Lender Providing Payday and Installment Loans

Our Rating - 9.8 / 10

CashNetUSA Review


A private lending company based out of the United States, CashNetUSA has paved its way to the top payday loan lending companies and has marked its presence in the same. They provide cash to more than half the American states. Not only are they a payday loan lending firm, but they also issue instalment loans for flexible repayments. Their approval procedures are fast, rates are competitive and they are open to providing extensions and rollovers thus resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

CashNetUSA Overview

CashNetUSA's services and charges are transparent thus making it easy for borrowers to know what they're getting into before applying for a loan. The advantage when applying with them is that you have the option to either repay your loan in lump sum or in parts over time by applying for an instalment loan since they offer two types of short term loans, namely- payday and installment. All you have to do is apply online and not worry about any paperwork or faxing since their documentation is completely faxless. However, they do check your financial history which may make it a little difficult for those possessing a bad credit score to get a loan from them. They instantly approve loans which are usually transferred within 24 hours (excluding holidays where you will get your loan on the following business day).

CashNetUSA Repayment Terms

CashNetUSA abides by every states law regarding short term loans. That means that even the terms of repayment vary in terms of extension and rollovers, income, percentage charged. If you take the state of Nevada for example, you can get an extension of up to 60 days without being charged extra. Also, many other states permit the policy of pre payments without imposing any additional fee. For more information on state based repayments, you can visit their website or get in touch with their customer service team.

Customer Support Information

If your queries seem unanswered even after going through their FAQs page, you can get in touch with CashNetUSA at support@cashnetusa.com.