PaydayLoanHelp Lender Review

One of the most prominent instant payday lenders online, PaydayLoanHelp provides instant funding for everyone in need.

Our Rating - 9.7 / 10

PaydayLoanHelp Review


One of the most prominent instant payday lenders online, PaydayLoanHelp provides instant funding for everyone in need. By dividing their loans state wise, they ensure to follow the legalities related to short term payday loans laid down by every state in the US. This helps borrowers get a better idea about what way payday loans are exclusive to their state in, along with giving a clearer picture about allowances and APRs that may differ from state to state. With their SSL encryption technology, they ensure safety and confidentiality of every borrower's personal information. Their no credit check terms, faxless policies and unsecured loan provisions eliminate causing delays in monetary emergencies of their debtors.

PaydayLoanHelp Overview

If you need a short term cash loan to get through the month or to deal with an emergency immediately, these are the loans to avail. However, they may not fit in well in a situation where you need loans of larger amounts for the longer run. PaydayLoanHelp offers same day cash advances that are very easy to receive. As long as you fulfil their eligibility criteria, which is a very basic one, it won't be too long before you get a short term loan.

In order to receive loans from them, you have to be at least 18 years of age, must provide your Social Security Number, must have a valid checking account, and should provide them with your verifiable contact details. Apart from this, you should also possess a stable income depending on which you will be able to receive a loan of up to $1000. The reason for applying for such loans is not asked by them which makes it easy for borrowers to use these cash advances for any personal reason, be it a medical emergency, stocking up groceries, catering to a sudden unavoidable travel plan, home or vehicle repairs, etc.

PaydayLoanHelp Repayment Terms

Being a payday loan lender, their repayment term offered is a maximum of 30 days, which clearly implies that you have to pay back your loan the next time you receive your salary. PaydayLoanHelp provides loans up to $1000 and the amount one can avail will be in correspondence with their monthly income. For every $100, a fee of $30 is charged by them. If you fail to repay uyour loan on the due date, you will be charged an NSF fee of $20 per repayment made. You are welcome to request for a rollover of your loan by getting in touch with their customer support team but this must be done at least 2 days before your date of repayment. In case of failure to repay the entire amount in lump sum, they also allow you to pay back your borrowed amount in parts, but again this must be discussed with them well in advance.

Customer Support Information

The team at PaydayLoanHelp ensures that their customers are treated with utmost respect and that they have a stress-free and helpful loan lending experience. They are available to all throughout the week to help assist borrowers with any queries or concerns. To get in touch with them you can write to them at