InstantPaydayCash Lender Review

InstantPaydayCash provides same day payday advances of up to $1000 depending on your repayment capability.

Our Rating - 9.8 / 10

InstantPaydayCash Review


When you need cash desperately and cannot turn to traditional lenders since you have bad credit, you can rely on InstantPaydayCash to provide you with bad credit payday loans online. A direct loan lender, they offer simple means of applying for loans with them and their requirements for approval are very basic. Their quick procedures make it possible to receive cash almost immediately. All these benefits together help borrowers get through the month with extra cash in hand that helps them deal with their additional expenses if any.

InstantPaydayCash Overview

InstantPaydayCash provides same day payday advances of up to $1000 depending on your repayment capability. As long as you meet their borrower's eligibility criteria which are very basic, you can apply for a loan with them even if you have a bad or no credit history. Since they provide unsecured loans irrespective of a good or poor credit rating, it becomes very easy to get cash from them especially for those who don't have anything to offer as collateral. They update you about the status of your loan; which implies whether you have been approved or not almost immediately after receiving your documents and other details. Their 24x7 accessibility makes it very convenient for borrowers to apply at any given time of the day from their smart gadget at hand, while also avoiding long queues and the need for visiting brick and mortar lenders only during their opening hours. Their faxless process also avoids paper work and time consumption which helps avoiding a delay in their debtor's emergency as much as possible.

InstantPaydayCash Repayment Terms

InstantPaydayCash's repayment terms are very basic. As their name suggests, they are a payday loan lender which means that you have to repay your loan the next time you get your salary. The maximum term period for repayment is 30 days which if exceeded by the borrower, a $20 NSF fee will be charged. The amount granted to borrowers will depend on every individual's income. They charge an interest of $30 for every $100 borrowed. InstantPaydayCash allows rollovers up to 2 times which shouldn't exceed 10 weeks. In case you do decide to ask for an extension, it will be a good idea to contact their customer care team before your date of repayment. Their considerate team will definitely help you figure out a solution, including allowing payment in instalments if it gets very difficult for you to pay them back in wholesome. Also, they make repaying simple by automatically debiting the amount owed to them on the due date from their debtor's checking account which makes it a hassle free affair.

Customer Support Information

In case of any queries and further assistance regarding their terms and services, you can contact their helpful customer support team at