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12MonthsBadCreditLoans Review


Even though 12MonthsBadCreditLoans is fairly new in the lending market, they have already made a mark. A reliable direct lender funding those in times of financial distress, they provide payday loans to those with undesirable credit scores. Their application process is a swift one and they don't take too long to approve requests.

12MonthsBadCreditLoans Overview

12MonthsBadCreditLoans is a trusted online lender who mainly focuses on providing loans to those who are denied funding elsewhere due to possessing a faulty credit history which is why they have been successful in paving their way to become one of the best and most preferred online finance providers in very little time. Whether you're a bad credit holder, no credit or good credit, you can apply for a loan by filling out their very basic 3 minute short form while also sending across the required documents online itself since they follow a faxless procedure. Once you apply, it takes them very little time to approve your request after which funds will be transferred in just 24 hours. All they require from you is your income statement or pay stub, checking account details, age proof, Social Security Number and verifiable contact details. They follow secure measures which is why your confidential information will remain safe with them. They are accessible round the clock which is why you can apply at any time of the day. Their loans require no form of collateral or security pledging which makes it easy for those who don't have anything to offer and have poor credit as well, to avail a loan. Also, if you apply over the weekend or on a holiday, you will receive your loan on the next immediate business day.

12MonthsBadCreditLoans Repayment Terms

By granting funds up to $1000 (which will depend on factors such as your income statement) they provide a decent amount of cash that can help you deal with most personal situations. Being a payday loan lender, they expect you to repay your loan in lump-sum on your next immediate pay date will be considered to be your due date of repayment. You can get your repayment term extended by clicking on their repayment request option which is an easier way of getting in touch with them for that particular purpose instead of calling or emailing them. The maximum repayment term, apart from extension is 30 days. They charge an interest of $30 for every $100 borrowed and an additional $20 in case of a rollover period. If your repayment during extension has to be made in instalments then those $20 will be applied to every time you pay back your loan in small parts. Every additional fee that they charge is as per the national and state regulations for payday loans.

Customer Support Information

They have a friendly team to assist you in case of any queries who you can get in touch with via email at: support@12monthsbadcreditloans.com.